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200 metric tonnes of relief food distributed in Monze

 Zambia Red Cross Society (ZRCS) says it has successfully distributed  200 metric tonnes of  relief food to communities facing hunger in Monze District.

ZRCS Vice for Monze Chapter President William Nsemani, says his organisation managed to distribute the food to Bweengwa, Moomba, and Monze Central  constituencies respectively ,targeting a total of 17 wards out of the 25 wards.

Speaking during a District Disaster Management and Mitigation Committee(DDMMC) meeting today , the ZRCS president said for Bweengwa constituency six wards benefited,  while for Moomba constituency five wards benefited ,while Monze Central constituency six wards were covered.

“We commenced the distribution of relief food on 20th May and completed the exercise on 9th June, 2024. So for the first consignment of 200 metric tonnes we managed to distribute to 17 wards in the three constituencies out of the total 25 wards in the district,” said Mr. Nsemani.

Government recently engaged the ZRCS to distribute 800 by 50 Kilogramme bags of relief food to vulnerable families , while 3,200 was  distributed under the food for work model.

And Monze District Commissioner Mwanza Malambo hailed the organisation for working tirelessly to ensure timely distribution of the relief food to communities facing hunger in the district.

He explained that the government was determined to ensure that every Zambian facing hunger was given relief food to prevent any loss of lives.

“ As government we are delighted that you were able to complete this job as per schedule because as you are aware this government is committed to give out relief food to those facing hunger to ensure no one dies from it,” said Mr. Malambo.

The second consignment of relief food would soon  be delivered to cater  for people in all the 25 wards  of the District.

Meanwhile, the Department of livestock in the area has expressed concern over lack of grazing pastures for the livestock in the district following the devastating drought experienced.

District Livestock Coordinator Tabitah Deka has since suggested for inclusion of maize bran in the food relief efforts to prevent livestock from dying of hunger.

“ I think as we distribute relief food to people, there is also a need for the government to consider including maize bran to ensure that livestock have food as well. You are aware most of  the grass has since dried out and animals have no pastures to graze on” said Mrs Deka.

The committee has since made a request through the provincial office to consider sending maize bran for livestock in the District.

Meanwhile, the department of social welfare says it was on course in giving out social cash transfer to 14,970 households whose bi-monthly cash transfer has been elevated from K400 to K800.

District Assistant Social Welfare Officer, Ms Brenda Nyirenda also says the department has since registered 12,315 households that have been earmarked for the emergency social cash transfer and expected to receive K1,200 every two months for one year as mitigation measures against the hunger.