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Over 2000 manganese miners jobs threatened in Central Province

Following sporadic power outage in Central province , Mines, Contractors, Factory and Allied Workers Union  ( MCFAWU ) has appealed to  government for intervention.

The Union says government must move in and address the situation before over 2000 jobs are lost in the manganese Factories spotted in the region.

Union President Nkweto Kasonka laments that  without government’s intervention  about 2338 employees risk losing their jobs in the Manganese Factories in Kapiri, Serenje and Kabwe Districts respectively  after  ZESCO goes ahead to completely shut down power supply to their 15 Factories in Central Province.


Speaking during a presser in Ndola, today,  the MCFAWU President notes that he is saddened by the move that ZESCO has initiated  of cutting power to the 15 manganese factories in the Province.

Mr. Kasonka alleged that about 11,000 lives  will be affected once the 2338 employees lose their Jobs if these Manganese Factories shutdown. 

He reiterated  that he is aware of measures that  government is putting across to have power restored normally such as the installation of solar plants across the country and importation of  power from neighboring countries to cushion the power deficit .

And his Secretary General Levi Chimfwembe  noted that the 15 Factories that have been completely shut down of power supply are well registered and contributes to the economy of the country.

Following drought situation in the country due to climate change, the country’s main Utility ZECSO has undertaken power outage measures across the country between 12 to 15 hours daily to save on power.

The move has affected the social-economic spheres of the country with the most affected being small businesses like welding, Barber shops and hair salons , among others.