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Govt. trains 2000 farmers in wetlands crop production in Kitwe

Government has empowered 2000 small scale farmers in Kitwe with skills in emergent wetlands crop production solely for food security at household level.

Kitwe District Community Development Officer Thasila Nachalwe says that training of the targeted farmers was completed last week.

Confirming to ZANIS in an interview , Ms. Nachalwe added that the  trained farmers are expected to receive yellow maize, okra, impwa seeds and both urea and D- Compound fertilizer.

“I can confirm that we have trained our farmers on how to produce the selected crops in the wetlands and currently we are just waiting for the inputs to arrive otherwise the farmers have also prepared their pieces of land and are ready to plant,” she said.

She was optimistic that the programme will help cushion the hunger situation in homes resulting from the poor crop yields caused by the droughts that were recorded under the last farming season.

The  District Community Development Officer has since appealed to the responsible authorities to expedite the delivery of the inputs so that farmers can immediately start planting.

The wetlands crop production is a government initiated programme aimed at enabling vulnerable but viable farmers produce food from wetlands in a bid to ensure food security in view of the droughts recorded under the last farming season resulting in poor crop yields among farmers.