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ZICTA hands over 15 cases for prosecution

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) says it is investigating about four people allegedly selling pre-registered sim cards, in Eastern Province.

Meanwhile, about 21 people have so far been prosecuted from 2022 to date for sale of pre-registered sim cards country wide.

ZICTA Regional Officer Brian Chileshe , during an awareness meeting in Katete, Wednesday disclosed, that from the 21 cases, six came from Nyimba District of Eastern Province.

“Here in Eastern Province six were prosecuted in Nyimba and found guilty. While one person in Petauke is still being investigated, one person in Sinda and two people in Chipata,” he said.

And ZICTA Cyber Security Technologist Ngonga Kalombo revealed that 15 cases where processed and prosecuted in SIM card related offences.

“Currently in Nakonde they jailed about five agents, in Chililabombwe about seven with the help of police and ZICTA, then Lusaka one was caught from Intercity, the other one from City Market and the other one from Chawama, they have been dealing in pre-registered sim cards they are facing charges in the courts of law,” he said.

Mr Kalombo indicated that there are several laws that give legal guidance on SIM registration and abrogating them was punishable by law. 

He further urged the general public  to stop procuring already registered sim cards saying doing so is an offence that comes with  severe consequences.

The duo were responding to a question from Francis Phiri a Data Associate from St Francis Central Hospital on what measures ZICTA was implementing as regards pre-registered sim cards being sold by agents of service providers.